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Visitors in the gardens of Jodrell Bank

Notice on National Day holiday

According to the national statutory holiday arrangements, combined with the actual situation of our school, the notice on National Day holiday is hereby notified as follows:

1. Holiday time

National Day holiday: October 1st (Fri)-7th (Thu)

2. Teaching Arrangement

The teaching arrangement on October 9th (Sat) will make up classes for Thursday. The basic preparatory class will take the schedule as usual on October 9th (Sat).

3. Epidemic prevention

All students should complete health registration on time everyday and do a good job in epidemic prevention. Students are strongly recommended not leaving Dalian if unnecessary and not travel to medium and high-risk areas. Students who must travel during the holiday should ask the head teacher for leave in advance and may travel only after being approved.


School of International Education 

September 30,2021