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Certificate Program

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics has established friendly relationships with more than 100 universities in the US, Holland, Russia, Japan, the UK, France and many other countries. The exchange programs between DUFE and partner universities has are mainly one academic term programs. Some universities also have collaborated with DUFE on short-term credit transfer programs lasting 4 to 8 weeks. International students will be accorded with credits after passing the examinations. DUFE is also open to the possibilities of opening new courses for group international students, if needed.

DUFE is now offering more than 100 courses taught in English. The teaching faculties and learning facilities at DUFE are qualified to meet a global standard. International students can select courses for credit transfer. Students are able to find relevant courses in a wide range of majors.

Proposed Programs:

A. Doing Business in China (4 weeks)

The program includes 16 Chinese Language Courses, 8 Chinese Culture Lectures, 20 Business Lectures, 3 Enterprise Visits and a series of activities. All the courses and lectures are delivered in English. After four weeks’ program, students will be accorded transcripts and a program certificate.

B. One Academic Term / Year Credit Exchange Program

Under this program, students can select courses accordingly from the current English courses that DUFE is offering. After completing the program, students will be accorded transcripts and a program certificate. Credits will be transferred accordingly when going back to home school.

C. Internship Program (4-8 weeks)

This program is designed for the students who are required to have overseas internship experience by their home universities. DUFE offers orientation & internship package for international students. We have good relationship with dozens of local and international enterprises where international students will gain internships and work experience.

* Information may be updated if it is necessary. Please contact us for more details.