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Chinese Language Program

Long-term Chinese Language & Business Chinese Program


DUFE offers diverse non-degree Chinese language and Business Chinese programs to meet various time schedules and learning demands. International students from more than 100 counties study at DUFE each year not only improve the language proficiency but get to know the Chinese culture and society as well. Courses are divided into 6 levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level.

General Chinese language program is designed for those who come from abroad or are in China currently to improve comprehensive Chinese language skills, get to know China, and enhance their competitiveness.  

Business Chinese program is designed for those who intend to improve skills in reading Chinese commercial documents and communication in business activities. In this program, students will learn daily Chinese business vocabularies, sentences and conversations.

Main Courses

Long-term Chinese Language Program: Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Extensive Reading, Intermediate and Advanced Writing, etc.

Business Chinese Program: Basic Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Business Chinese, Business Chinese Speaking, China Economic Issues, etc.

Electives: Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Characters Reading and Writing, Newspaper Reading, Chinese Folklore, Economic Reading, Chinese Cooking, Martial arts, Erhu (Chinese traditional music instrument), Paper Cutting, Tai Chi, etc.

A variety of practical activities: sightseeing, company visit, language practice activity, etc.

Application Fee: 680 RMB

Tuition Fee:

16,500 RMB / year

8,800 RMB / semester

Application Materials:

1. Complete the online application form;

2. Copy of passport;

3. Copies of diplomas and certificates and official transcripts;

4. Certificate of HSK (not necessary).

Application Deadline:

Spring semester: March 31

Fall semester: September 30

Start Date:

Spring semester: early March

Fall semester: early September

* Students having Chinese basis can be placed in appropriate classes anytime.

Summer Short-term Chinese Language Program


In the context of economic globalization and cultural diversity, with the deep development of the One Belt One Road strategy, the DUFE summer Chinese language program aims to foster students’ ability of communication with studying at class and practicing out of class, e.g. visiting and sightseeing, by which students will have a full knowledge and develop great interests of Chinese and Chinese culture. Students who join the camp will be intensively trained in short period on their basic daily communication and broaden their horizon to Chinese culture context and knowledge.

Main Courses and Activities:

Intensive training of Chinese speaking and listening, Chinese culture lecture (Chinese paper cutting art, Calligraphy, Tea art, Chinese Gongfu, etc.), Group study with Chinese students, Sights visiting, Enterprises visiting, etc.

Study Duration Option 1: early June - early July (four weeks)

Study Duration Option 2: early July - early August (four weeks)

Application Fee:580 RMB 

Activity Fee: 600 RMB

Tuition Fee: 3000 RMB / session (including learning materials)

* Tuition fees with 20% off for students who apply for two sessions.

Tailored Short-term Chinese Language Program


In order to meet the needs of the students who want to start their Chinese learning in different time periods, DUFE also offers tailored short-term Chinese language programs. Class schedule can be designed for a group (more than 10 students). Please contact us for more details.

Application Fee: 580 RMB

Tuition Fee:

1,600 RMB / one week

2.200 RMB / two weeks

3,000 RMB / four weeks

4,800 RMB / six weeks

5,500 RMB / eight weeks