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Foundation (English Medium)

Communication and Cultural Skills

GIME foundation program will help students to prepare and get through the transition smoothly for future studies in the university. This program has been designed carefully, and it is based on preparing students who need extra support to enhance their chances of educational success. After all GIME will provide Automatic Certifications to the students once they pass all the components and qualify them to enter a degree program in English medium at DUFE.

Program and Tuition Fee:

Mid-March 16 weeks 15,000RMB ($2,300 approx.)

Mid-June  8 weeks  8,000RMB ($1,300 approx.)


Students can apply Outstanding New Student Awards, please contact admission officers for details.   

Program Curriculum:

Course Code
CourseUnit HoursCredits
FOUN11C2Introduction to Chinese724
HUM21E1Introduction to Business Studies543
BUS12A1Business Communication362
ENG2231Reporting Skills362

Foundation Program Course Description

1. Introduction to Chinese

This course is for students who have never learned Chinese before. The module looks at all four skills of language learning through a wide variety of activities, with an emphasis on spoken Chinese and basic vocabulary. Students will also be able to speak and pronounce some Chinese characters and able to set out their ideas in simple Chinese.

2. Introduction to Business Studies

This module is designed to introduce students to how businesses are structured and how their activities are coordinated in a real world competitive business environment. It is intended give the students a framework of basic business ideas and concepts, which will provide them with the basic tools for undergraduate-level studies.

3. Business Communication

This course is designed to give students who plan to take a management studies course in English. The principal aim of this course is to teach students to cope with input texts, i.e listening and reading in the discipline. However the students will be expected to produce output texts in speech and writing throughout the course.

4. Reporting Skills

The principle aim of this course is to develop and strengthen student English reporting skills and to develop understanding of how to generate texts for academic purposes. This module will focus on the skills necessary to incorporate researched information into an academic paper. This is not a course on doing research; it is a course on using research in one’s writing.

For program application and more information, please contact:


Tel:+ 86-411-84710124


Add: No.217, Jianshan St, Shahekou Dist, Dalian, China. 116025