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International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Online Program In DUFE


To promote the development of Chinese language teaching, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) sets up International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Online Program. This program will offer oversea learners One-Semester or one-year Chinese Language courses (Online).



1.Non-Chinese citizens.

2.In good physical and mental condition, and with good academic performance and conduct.

3.Dedicated to work on Chinese language education.


Types and Requirements of the Scholarship


Applicants who are currently working as Chineselanguage teachers do not need to submit the HSK certificate if they can provide an Employment Certificate and a recommendation issued by current employee (educational institution).

 Chinese Courses

DUFE will divide students into different classes basing on students’ Chinese level and learning targets. DUFE offers many different kinds of courses, such as Elementary Chinese class, Intermediate Chinese class, Advanced Chinese class and Elementary Business Chinese class, Intermediate Business Chinese class, Advanced Business Chinese class, etc.

You will also find some Chinese culture courses, such as Chinese tea art, Chinese Calligraphy, etc.



1.Apllicants need to register and apply the scholarship on the DUFE International students’ System (

2.Apllicants need to register and apply the scholarship on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Application System (

The system is not available until further notice.

3.DUFE will review applicants’ documents and recommend qualified applicants to CLEC.

4.CLEC will publish admission results after reviewing.



1.As the program will be conducted online, DUFE will not provide any visa documents.

2.Students must have an attendance rate of at least 70% and pass the final exam to get the electronic studying certificate of DUFE.

3.The scholarship will be canceled if the registration on the systems is proved not real, or the scholarship students suspend or withdraw from the program.



Wang Mang 王莽