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Visitors in the gardens of Jodrell Bank

2021 DUFE Online Summer Camp

DUFE online summer camp aims to foster students‘ability of communication with studying at class,by which students will have a full knwoledge and develop great interestsof Chinese language and Chinese Culture. Students who join the camp will be intensively trained in short period on their basic daily communication and broaden their horizon to Chinese culture and knowledge.


Study duration

Section 1: 12th July- 6th August (4 weeks)

Section 2: 9th August- 3rd September (4 weeks)

*Group registration: Start time and the course arrangement are negotiable if the number of group students is more than 10 people.



Course arragement

Compulsory course:Intensive Chinese Speaking and Listening

Optional courseChinese Tea Culture, Chinese Embroidery Culture, Appreciation of Ancient Chinese Literature and Poetry,Appreciation of Chinese folk music and Opera,Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Painting,Visit Dalian City,Survey of China,Chinese Martial Arts and Preserve Health of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.




Tuition:2400 RMB/session

*Tuition fee with 20% off  for students who apply for two sessions.

Application fee: waiver


Certificate of Completion

After completing the required class and passing the final exam, the electronic certificate of completion will be issued.


Apply Online: 



School of International Education (International Students Office)

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Tel: 0086-411-84712106