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Notice on Selection for 2019-2020 DUFE Outstanding Academic Papers of Internatio

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of international postgraduates in scientific research and improve their academic literacy and scientific research level, International Students Office (ISO) recently organizes a selection for 2019-2020 DUFE outstanding academic papers of international postgraduates. The selection requirements are as follows:

1. Requirements of Application

Outstanding academic papers refer to those published from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021, by international postgraduates currently studying at DUFE, in academic journals at home and abroad. The publications are signed articles of DUFE with the international postgraduate as the first author (if the supervisor is the first author and the international postgraduate is the second author, the international postgraduate can be regarded as the first author). The specific standards shall be in accordance with 《东北财经大学关于修订科研成果管理办法的通知》(东北财大校发〔201867号)(Annex 1).

Please fill in the application according to 《东北财经大学中文学术期刊目录(2018年修订)(Annex 2) and 《东北财经大学外文学术期刊目录(2018年修订)(Annex 3). All papers published in the journals included in the catalogs can be filled in; for papers published outside the journals included in the catalogs, please fill in ONLY 1 paper. The accepted and unpublished papers are not eligible for the selection.

2. Awards

There are 4 awards for outstanding academic papers of international postgraduates, including special prize, first prize, second prize and third prize, and the award quota of each prize is open.

3. Procedure of Application

(1) Self application: Before April 16, international postgraduates will send the electronic front page of the papers and Summary of Publications for 2019-2020 DUFE Outstanding Academic Publication Awards (Annex 4) to

(2) Committee review: The committee would review among papers submitted and make recommendations of outstanding academic papers.  

(3) Publicity: A list of outstanding academic papers would be announced for 3 working days for inquiry.


Contact person: Zhang Bi Laoshi (Yanchi 203)




1. 关于印发东北财经大学科研成果管理办法(2018年修订)的通知.doc

2. 东北财经大学中文学术期刊目录(2018年修订).pdf

3. 东北财经大学外文学术期刊目录(2018年修订).pdf

4. 2019-2020年东北财经大学留学生研究生优秀科研论文汇总表Summary of Publications for 2019-2020 DUFE Outstanding Academic Publication Awards.xlsx